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Many Tips That Make Sure You Have The Best Great Ocean Road Experience

Posted on June 27, 2016 at 7:30 PM

1. Drop in the towns along the way

Along the Great Ocean Road are lots of towns which offer Lorne accommodation, and various experiences for people to explore. If you like surfing head down to Torquay's Bell's Beach where the annual Ripcurl Pro is held throughout the Easter weekend. If hiking is more your forte Anglesea offers a variety of beach and cliff hikes which all end with stunning views down the coast. Maybe you are a foodie then Lorne is the location to go to with fresh seafood coming directly from the water and onto your plate at a choice of dining establishments-- delicious!


There's more to the towns through; whether it be the cooled, hippy vibes of,_Victoria" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">Anglesea or fishing with the locals in Apollo Bay, by slowing your journey down not just do you get to take your time to actually experience the towns and shoreline you're driving, but by stopping regularly you get to turn off and relax which enabling your mental concentration to have a break from driving that makes results in much safer driving when back on the road.


2. Take corny photos

You drove all in this manner so why not take images of you 'holding' one of the rock stacks at the Twelve Apostles? Or browsing on one of the wooden beams ignoring the beach! Believe me even, if you feel foolish at the time you will look back and have a good laugh, and individuals standing beside you will most likely do the same thing!


3. Don't try and do it all in one day

Despite waking up in Torquay early and already making the drive to Warrnambool in one day we didn't take into consideration the time we had actually want to invest exploring. We had not consulted a map-- so we didn't understand about things like the Airey's Inlet Lighthouse until Joc pointed it out mid-trip recalling info her Dad handed down from a journey when she was younger, and by the time we had actually struck the Great Otway National Park the bad weather had actually begun to roll in leaving us in a predicament without seeing the Twelve Apostles and London Bridge, so we decided to find some Apollo Bay accommodation.

We stopped in every town, and at everything that caught our eye. If you take a trip like this then my suggestion is to stay overnight in Apollo Bay or Port Campbell. This permits you plenty of time to check out the towns and activities in the location, along with permitting lots of rest to guarantee you stay safe when driving the Great Ocean Road.

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